About Horizons Village

Horizons Village is an eco-sensitive subdivision with unique, legally binding covenants designed to recognize and protect the natural environmental features and sensitive location of the neighborhood, which is situated in the George Washington National Forest proclamation boundary and home to a wide diversity of flora and fauna.

The principles of environmental and ecological conservationism are woven throughout these covenants, which govern where we site our homes, encourage energy-efficient and environmentally sensitive design and construction, and guide the way we maintain our lots and care for the surrounding environment.

Construction and operation of a pipeline are in direct opposition to the neighborhood’s purpose and identity as reflected in these covenants, which expressly prohibit unnecessary disruption of the natural environment. For example, the Horizons Village covenants

  • Limit tree clearing to no more than 40 percent per lot
  • Require express written permission from the Property Owner’s Association before cutting any trees more than 8 inches in diameter
  • Require a 75-foot visual screen of natural vegetation as a setback from the property line
  • Prohibit the use of toxic chemicals and insecticides.
Horizons Village Lower Commons

Horizons Village Lower Commons